How do you Flyboard?

  • The trick to Flyboarding is to hold your legs directly beneath you so that the jets push you above the water. Once you are above the water, it helps to lock your knees to maintain balance.  You can control the direction of your flight by moving back and forth and side to side.  It is important not to lean too far forward or backward, because it will cause you to fall into the water.  You can maneuver left by slightly lifting your right leg.  Lifting the left leg with direct you in the opposite direction.

What will I need to bring to Flyboard?

  • All you need to bring, other than your sense of adventure, is your swimsuit, a towel, and perhaps some sunscreen and water.  We provide life jackets, helmets, and all the Flyboarding equipment.

Who can Flyboard?

  • We recommend that individuals weigh at least 75 lbs to successfully Flyboard.  The water pressure from the Flyboard may make it difficult for a person under this weight to pull the Flyboard beneath them.

Where will we meet to Flyboard?

  • Unfortunately we do not have a lake front location, so we meet our clients at various public access boat ramp locations around the lake.  We commonly meet at Bass's Boat House and at Little River Park.  We will travel to other locations as requested, however, we charge a fee to travel outside of Baldwin County.  It is also possible for a boat to tow our craft to their location on the lake.